Have you heard Mantoysheksa yet? He's quite wonderful, even if you don't believe in that sort of thing.
Where was I? Ooohh,,, yyyeeesss......
The song bird, beggar, arrow, tree, "XXXXXX", and stain all laugh at you. This is a nightmare, but only because you allowed it to be. You never had to listen to my directions, you only did because I was the only one telling you to go anywhere. So, I shall continue.
Right past the arrow you walk. You follow the map you have wished for, the shadow and stain following so dearly and closely. But y u watch. There is black space all around you, imitating the rushing river. But you can see it, forget jasdfg, you follow her. Numbers follow as well. Big, vibrantly coloured letters they are. Follow Shakespeare, don't follow you. Giants with long, flowing hair stand gaurd along the river as you approach it. The water is red. Stained white, but red and purple. The accordian player falls into a player accordian. Confusion. Jaksemof. ;/,#. Lies.
Your name is number and it's being caled out from the loudspeaker in a crowded waihting rooom. A lie, she calls. You awake.

Or not.

However, it is time cigarette. Wouldn't you agree █?


from Day of Four Eyes and One Clock, 10X14X35, released October 7, 2012




The Flesh, Full of Black Sand Tyler, Texas

Minimalistic, droning, dark ambient created by Dakota Snaketail.

Listen alone in a dark room with candles lit, or while you're falling asleep.

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